127 Yard Sale

If you have never been to The Worlds Longest Yard Sale, I would highly recommend it. I will post a link below so you can find which location is nearest you!

The worlds longest yard sale is basically a yard sale that starts in Alabama and goes all the way to Michigan on Highway 127. It ranges from people setup along the roadside at their homes to big open fields with hundreds of vendors. You never know what you might find. I have listed below my tips and tricks of picking a sale of this size.

“…something to look forward to every year!”

My tips on this yard sale:

1- Destination– Start at the point you want to end. Example: If you are wanting to start in Gadsden, AL and go up to Kentucky, its best to start at Kentucky and work your way down against the crowd. In some of the smaller areas expect bumper to bumper traffic, especially around the house to house sales.

2 – Time and Money– Go EARLY and have a full tank of gas! Also bring CASH as most vendors only take cash. Plus your more likely to get a better deal using cash.

3- The Hunt– Decide what you are looking for. My taste is antiques and vintage items. Being that is what I’m hunting for, the best stops are in Tennessee and Ohio. If you’re on the hunt for similar items, be sure to hit those locations on day one or two. Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days! Word has it, better deals in Ohio.

4- Hotel – There are not many good hotel options in Chattanooga, TN that are at a good price, plan accordingly.

5- Cooler – Bring a cooler of drinks and snacks.

6- Restroom – Use the restroom at every opportunity. Most places restroom options are slim. Especially around the house to house sales. The larger pit stops have at least portables. *Bring what you need for those situations.

7- Dress comfortable– Comfortable shoes and shorts are a must. Dress to be sweaty and possibly dirty.

8- Parking – When you follow the map trail, you will find the big stops marked, at those stops they usually have a field for parking. The roadside homes and smaller towns have limited parking, so be patient. You may have to walk a little ways but so worth it.

The top left picture was taken at The Mills Hide Fur Booth, a guy I meet in Signal Mountain, TN. Most people if you ask are very happy to tell you about their shop or store, or just have a good conversation about what they are selling. This guy had worked with his father as a child in the taxidermy business. He now does the same kind of business and has a HUGE collection from his business and bought out estates. Here is his etsy shop- HERE!

What I love most about these kind of things, is talking to people about the history of their items. Most vendors you find with this large of a collection take pride in each item and know everything about it. It’s something I will look forward to picking every year.

Here is a link in case you are not familiar with this–>CLICK HERE