Easy Handmade Ornaments!

Ornament made from Cinnamon sticks and Ribbon.

What you need:

  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Ribbons
  • Hot Glue(optional)
  • String
  1. Cut the ribbons all the same length. Keep in mind the longest will be the bottom layer of the tree.
  2. Tie the ribbons around the cinnamon stick. You may have as many or little as you would like.
  3. Now cut the ribbons each shorter than the one before it , staggered different lengths as you create a tree form.
  4. Hot Glue or tie the String to the top or back of Cinnamon stick and they are ready for the tree.


New Things!

Being from Alabama – I love making cards that represent our state! Displayed above is my recent card design.
For this illustration, I used a watercolor and clipped out the outline of the state. Added some watercolor flowers.