Hop to It! Easy Craft to Make This Easter!


This handcrafted Easter idea will put a fresh face on spring.  You can get everything you need for these Easter nest at your local craft store, I shop at Michaels.
I have always loved Easter! Its that time of the year when spring is beginning and the weather is starting to get warmer(in Alabama anyways). Plus it is also my birthday month. What a great time to rejoice and be with family as this month we celebrate his Resurrection “He is Risen”.

Items you need:  1 -Small wicker nest(wreath makings section at a craft store). 2 – Bag of Easter eggs, 3- White Spray Paint, 4 – Hot Glue, 5- Moss(wreath makings section at a craft store).

Be as Creative as you would like. If you are a great painter, you might want to paint the eggs instead of spray painting or maybe you want to cover with additional embellishments, go for it!

First, lay out your items, decide how many eggs you want to put in the nest, this will vary based on the size of nest and eggs you purchased.

Second, cut the Moss to fit inside the nest and glue down with hot glue. I like to get the moss in packed bags it seems to be easier to glue down. But please be very careful not to burn yourself, the moss is very thin and the hot glue may come through in spots. Once the glue is dry, continue to glue down your Easter eggs.

Last, spray paint the nest. You can also add a little glitter if you would like, it’s up to you!  Have fun!

For year round decor, I have used ornaments before that can be changed out per season.

Happy Easter Y’all! Hope you have enjoyed my spring craft ideas! More goodies to come.