Handmade Birthday Cards


Today I wanted to share with you a look into my card making process.

The Beginning Stages:

First, I decide on what type of quote I wanted to use. This is usually the starting point of my process. Once I find the quote(s), I think of things the words in the quote bring to my mind.

For example “Happy Birthday to my main squeeze”, the word “squeeze” reminds me of a lemon. Often when you have a designer creative block, it helps to come up with the quote first then the design will put itself together. Let your inner artist inspiration take over!

Middle Step:

My next step is to decide what type of medium to use. Do I want to use Adobe Indesign or Illustrator to create? Paint, stencil, or hand letter? On the card above I used Adobe Indesign. Depending on what you decide to use, this may require a trip to your local craft store.

Selecting Artwork:

I already have several folders of artwork I have created, purchased or downloaded from Etsy or Creative market. Now start creating! Be sure to purchase the correct license for using your artwork. For the lemon card I decided to add a leaf to the top. To make it stand out more, I used a textured paper I purchase at my local Michaels craft store.


Printing has to be one of the biggest struggles for a designer when printing their work. A lot depends on the quality, color settings, and overall knowledge of the business staff everywhere is different. FedEx is my number one and only place I go to get prints. On the card above I printed the lemon at Fedex and the leaf I printed at home on my personal printer. I will print some smaller things at home but for that crisp ink you will want to use FedEx.

Enjoy your card!