Opening a Booth at the Alabama Antique Market

I’ve always had a passion for old rusty signs, wire baskets, chippy paint and those one of a kind items.

I recently started my first booth as a vintage collector at the Alabama Antique Market in Tuscaloosa, AL. When the news broke about the Antique Market opening a second location, I was in!!! Lucky for me the new location is just right down the street from my work.

My booth setup is a combination of galvanized metal and peg board. Right away, I wanted to make the overall feel of my space bright, warm and inviting, so I decided to paint the peg board to give it more of a finished look.

When choosing a color, I decided on a neutral that would allow for anything I hung up to stand out. I love to decorate with greenery and wreaths, so I chose a middle shade of grey. Creating a palette of similar shades helps make the space more cohesive to where my items would still be the focal point.

Now to start searching for treasures…..