If you are like me, you work at cubical style desk everyday 8-5, face it we sit at a desk more than we are at home. So why not make this space a place you enjoy sitting at? A place with bright colors, photos, style, and elements that represent you. Click Here for some more examples to dress up your desk for your work, home or office. Check out your local target dollar section, they usually have some items to choose from.

Other Ideas:

• Fabric – wrap those gray boring cubical walls with some design.
• Wooden Box with scrapbook paper bottom – paint a wooden box and line the inside with colorful scrapbook paper.
• Stalk books that relate to your field and place a clock or other items on them.
• Photos, Pictures, Quotes – Hang or frame any of these items for you desk.
• Find a coffee mug or jar you like and turn it into a pen/pencil holder.