Treasure hunt….

After countless yard sales, marketplace finds(online) and multiple trips to flea markets, I’m ready! Now to begin setup and staging.  With so many items to bring and keep inventory, it can be hard to stay organized. I created an excel sheet to name each item and used that same name on each tag, so I would know exactly what sold.  Now the fun part, decorating and setting up.

Where to begin, all this stuff, what should I put where? Do I need shelves, tables, rugs, hangers, the list goes on and on. To help me get a basic idea of what I wanted my booth to look like, I did a rough sketch. Thinking what would be easy for customers to walk in and have space to look around.

My biggest pet peeve is going to a market and the booth is so packed that you are afraid to walk in because you are in fear that your purse may knock something over or you might break something cause everything is packed so tight.  I wanted to be sure I avoided that and my space looked inviting.